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Sewing and Packaging Machines / Headstock Sewing

Headstock Sewing Machine FE 202



Technical specifications

Sewing current point two three wires.
Works with cotton yarn and polyester
It has special tooth to work with thick and coarse sacking.
Has a side where the mechanism is entirely exposed, facilitating their inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
Rotation: 1.200 points per minute.
Motor to drive: 1/2 HP, 1730 rpm.
Lubrication: Automatic in the main places.
Headstock pulley: 100 mm.
Motor pulley: 70 mm.
Belt drive for "V" 7356-PO (automotive) or 1060 - Goodyear.
Center to center distance between the headstock and the engine: 320 mm.
Oil for greasing: 20 or 30.
Nett weight: 28 kg.


Save time and manpower, reducing their production costs by acquiring the Headstock FE-202 model of the pioneering and most complete Brazilian Industry of Gender.
The Headstock can be adapted transport and props, models:
MF-1/A: with 1.800 mm length.
MF-1/C: with 2.500 mm length.

Point step

Distance between the center point
Minimum step: 7 mm.
Maximum step: 10 mm.

Classification of Needles

Class DR x 2
for jute bags: nº 27 e 28.
for cotton bags: nº 26 e 27.
for paper bags: nº 25 e 26.

Technical Assistance
- 6 month warranty
- The most robust market machine
- Technical expertise and trained



Matisa Maquinas de Costura e Empacotamento Ltda
Web Site: http://www.matisa.com.br
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