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Sewing and Packaging Machines / Headstock Sewing

Headstock Sewing Machine FE 203/A



Technical Specification

It has double tooth special for sewing sacks in thick.
Fully shielded with a side opening, where the mechanism is entirely exposed, making it easy to inspect and clean.
Seam: current point with a wire.
Lubrification: manual, at main points.
Oil indicated: thin (common) the same used in domestic sewing machine.
Wire indicated: polyester nº 133/200.
Classification of needles: DP-17 or 135x17 - nº25.
Production: 10 bags per minute.
Net weight (including the coil wire): 4,6 Kg.
Lenght: 340 mm.
Width: 155 mm.
Height: 300 mm.
Power : uses a single-phase motor 110 or 220 volts 1/12HP.


To put the machine simply connect to a power outlet that matches the voltage indicated on the nameplate. The operator holds the machine in one hand and the mouth of the bag in the other. A light tap with the index finger on the switch located under the handle puts the machine. When finished sewing on all bags, the operator must make a slight circular motion at the wrist, to the left, thereby causing the joint action of the knives for cutting wire. The set of knives properly protected and this presents no risk to the operator.

Don´t let your profits escape by breaking a seam. Make sure that your product was added to sealed bags for Machine Matisa. Store the result of his farm more safely using modern machines Matisa synonymous with quality throughout Brazil and the world.

Technical Assistance
- 6 month warranty
- The most robust market machine
- Technical expertise and trained





Matisa Maquinas de Costura e Empacotamento Ltda
Web Site: http://www.matisa.com.br
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